Sunday, November 3

The Traitor and Her Cake

I feel a bit like a traitor…

I’ve just been prowling over my blog posts from 2011. I was in Italy then with Mama. Those pages are graffiti’d with photographs of pasta and pizza and gelato; everything that celebrates carbohydrates in their finest. And now… well now I’m whistling a different tune.

Food is still the running melody of my life, the sound I hear every day in my head. But now those days are spent somewhere with a little less sugar and a little less grain. A teeny tiny store in St Heliers called Wilder and Hunt, to be precise.

I know, I didn’t see it coming either. I don’t hate carbs, I promise. I also don’t hate sugar. But I have found myself here; developing recipes, occasionally cooking for the store, writing articles for media, and producing nutritional based research for our website. Our customers often follow a Paleolithic lifestyle, meaning they eat food that cavemen would have consumed. Think plants, meat, and nuts. And then don’t think about diary, refined sugar, legumes, and grains. We also cater to those who find themselves (unfortunately) with allergies. We literally don’t keep any grain on the premises. 

And I have found out something about myself; I love this food.

I could say that I follow a ‘Paleo’ regime Sunday through Thursday, and then I have a normal diet from Friday to Saturday, but I would be lying.

What has been more convenient than our convenience health store, is that I learnt something last year which has helped me pursue this lifestyle with a little more vigour. My blood gets sticky when I eat sugar, and therefore also any type of carbohydrate that instantly turns to sugar in my body. This is because I have a mild resistance to insulin. Instead of insulin helping my body metabolise carbohydrates as it’s supposed to, my body resists insulin, ensuring that the glucose from carbohydrates is not absorbed into my cells, leaving my blood filled with sticky glucose. Crazy.

After following this regime for some time now (discounting the weekends) I am sleeping better, I am functioning better, and I am much less internally inflamed. And so what I’m saying is, this change has been good for me.

But the most exciting discovery has been that this lifestyle does not exclude chocolate or cake or slice. We can make all those foods without refined sugar and grain. So from now on I may post a few recipes and some stories about this melody that doesn’t go away, regardless of its ingredients.

Wilder and Hunt is a convenience ‘real food’ store. Our food is nutrient dense, the kind of stuff your body will thrive off. And we are attracting the likes of many Aucklanders. I love the team, the goal, and our impact on people’s health.

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